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The following is Inadequately subtle in terms of analysis, but does give a brief and useful description of the gaokao and the anxiety surrounding it. The point made about transparency of results is an important one. In my own research, parents were very much attached to the relative objectivity and trustworthiness of the exam and equally suspicious of alternative systems to replace it. Better the devil you know.

Read this short but descriptively accurate article here:  The gaokao – The test where time stands still – University World News.

via The gaokao – The test where time stands still – University World News.

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In a previous photo essay, I talked a bit about the hidden (and not so hidden) curriculum of school courtyard pedagogy. Today, a different kind of pedagogy: the pedagogy of educational desire. Much is made of the high value placed on educational attainment in Chinese culture (see here for a somewhat deeper discussion). This photo essay introduces one form that the instilling of educational desire takes in Mainland China. (more…)

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(see my full review of the book here in the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Education)

In his recent book, Governing Educational Desire (2011)Andrew Kipnis examines a phenomenon that for China insiders and outsiders alike has become common-sense orthodoxy. After all, who by now doesn’t assume that the pursuit of ever higher educational credentials is a universal feature of “Chinese” societies and sub-cultures around the world? For those interested in a more critical perspective on such understandings of Chinese society and culture, Kipnis’ contribution is a welcome one. (more…)

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